Our technology: unique, potent stem cell therapeutics from an expert, pioneering manufacturer.

We use cutting-edge, in-house process technology and quality control systems to generate state-of-the-art stem cells and ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) in line with AMG (German Medicinal Products Act) requirements.

Drug development based on ABCB5+ mesenchymal stem cells

TICEBA holds an exclusive license to the full ABCB5 gene and protein patent portfolio from Boston Children's Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts (37+ exclusive patents).

Our ground-breaking ABCB5 research has received widespread coverage in peer-reviewed academic journals, leading to high-end potency assays, translating research into clinical efficacy.

Off-the-shelf & ready to use: covering the full clinical development spectrum from CMC through to market launch

High through-put stem cell production based on globally patented technology and expertise - catering for world-wide market needs - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


Tried and tested, high-potential technology – heralding the arrival of next-generation cell therapies

Our tried and tested, patented technology platform nurturing next-generation technologies (CRISPR/Cas, iPS Technology and 3D Bioprinting) heralds the arrival of next-generation cell therapies.


a Agency-regulated tissue removal centers
b Patented technology: 37 exclusive patents with Harvard University
c Ballikaya et al., Stem Cell Res Ther. 2020/Kerstan et al., Cytotherapy. 2021
d Isolation of ABCB5-positive mesenchymal stem cells