Television Reports and Videos


TICEBA Creation of a unique biological life insurance
Production: July 2014


TICEBA corporate video Back-up Your Life!
Production: September 2011


Editorial report about TICEBA
First broadcast: Jan 2008


Telemed, RNF
Theme: stem cells
Interview with Dr. Ganss
First broadcast: 10.01.2006


Information about stem cells
First broadcast: 09.12.2005



Researchers regrow corneas using adult human stem cells
Language: English


ABCB5 positive stem cells against liver cancer
Language: English


Pluripotent stem cells
Language: Chinese


Breakhtrough - Anti-Ageing stem cell therapies
Language: English



Besides the authorization to manufacture a human medicinal product in accordance with § 13 (1) of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) for autologous mesenchymal stem cells, TICEBA is also authorized to manufacture a medicinal product for allogeneic mesenchymal as well as allogeneic limbal ABCB5 + stem cells following a recent extension. For more information click HERE.

Clinical Trial

Together with our subsidiary RHEACELL we are recruiting patients with the indication chronic venous ulcer (CVU) for the clinical trial in phase 1/2a. For more information click HERE.

The Story of Stem Cells

Review our category "The Story of Stem Cells" with the newest topic "Stem cells in wound healing" HERE.