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with regard to the licences:
TICEBA possesses the required authorization by the responsible authority:

    in accordance with §13 of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG): For the preparation of a biological medicinal product

    in accordance with §20b (1 and 2), §20c, and §72b of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG): The authorization for the extraction of tissue, the treatment or processing, preservation, testing, storage, import of tissue or tissue preparations


Always keep yourself up to date in our new category "Research Projects" about the realization of our current research projects and experience how ABCB5-positive stem cells open new opportunities in the case of medical need in the future.

TICEBA Explains

TICEBA Explains

Check-out our new video, which shows you the creation process of our unique biological life insurance in detail.



TICEBA contributes its established know-how to the success of the development of human pharmaceuticals based on ABCB5 positive mesenchymal skin stem cells of RHEACELL.



Get comfortable and learn how our unique biological life insurance works in just 3 minutes.

Let the show begin!

(We) Back-up Your Life!

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Stem cell cures for everything

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Together with our subsidiary RHEACELL we are now recruiting patients with the indication chronic venous ulcer (CVU) for the clinical study in phase 1/2a. For more information click HERE.
Review scientific facts regarding ABCB5 expression in normal tissue-specific stem cells HERE.
Review our category "The Story of Stem Cells" with the newest topic "Stem cells in wound healing" HERE.


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