•  I have put aside something
  • for the future: my stem cells
  • Sammo Yeng (39), CEO
  •  Today I will take
  • my stem cells to the bank.
  • Thomas Fowell (38), Asset Manager
  •  I'm glad there is a bank
  • where I can invest
  • my health profitably.
  • Michelle Li (35), Sales Manager Beauty/Kosmetik

TICEBA is a highly innovative German Life-Science Company, which operates in the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. As the world's first private tissue bank, the German company offers its clients the storage of skin stem cells as personal, biological life insurance and has established itself as a pharmaceutical active ingredient manufacturer for stem cell-based therapies.


TICEBA Creation of a unique biological life insurance
Production: July 2014


TICEBA corporate video Back-up Your Life!
Production: September 2011

Clinical Trial

Together with our subsidiary RHEACELL we are recruiting patients with the indication chronic venous ulcer (CVU) for the clinical trial in phase 1/2a. For more information click HERE.


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The Story of Stem Cells

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